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Responding to Sexual Assault

24-hour Hotline

The crisis lines are free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Victim Advocates are ready to provide crisis intervention services and referrals to survivors, family, friends, and community members. These Victim Advocates have undergone training about sexual violence and are available to listen and to assist with any challenges or questions you may have.

Advocacy and Accompaniment 

Victim Advocates are available to help a survivor navigate their medical and legal options. In conjunction with our local partners, RCEA can help a survivor:

  • Receive medical advocacy

  • Receive legal advocacy

  • Provide crisis intervention

  • Act as liaison between victim and person(s) involved in the investigatory process

  • Receive referrals for other services

  • Filing for the Alabama Crime Victim Compensation


Preventing Sexual Assault


We facilitate and participate in community outreach and marketing events; including health fairs, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, National Crime Victim's Rights Week, and other community events. We work closely with local high schools and college/university campuses to ensure that new and existing populations are aware of the services offered by RCEA. We also develop and disseminate information to be distributed within the community in order to inform citizens of our existence and willingness to help all victims 

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